Vinyl Printing

Vinyl transfer printing is used for one colour prints such as numbers for sports shirts, sponsors, company names and slogans. Designs are cut out using a plotter and are printed using a heat press.

Cardiff Embroidery uses the highest quality vinyl material to ensure that the print is long-lasting and maintains the colour and print quality.

Sizes: vinyl can be used to print a range of sizes, from heat pressing small initials on shorts or sleeves, to large prints up to 18 inches by 13 inches.

Colours: we have a wide range of colours available. If you require specific pantone or CMYK colours, transfer printing might be more suitable.

Ideal for: names, initials and numbers, sponsors and one colour logos.

Cost: the cost is dependent on the size and complexity of the design. There are no set up charges.

Multi-Colour Transfer Printing

Transfer printing is ideal for multicolour printed designs. It is more cost-effective than screen printing and is perfect for small printing jobs and one-off prints.

It can print complex designs by transferring your graphic onto a heat pressed transfer paper. It can also be used to print photographs on garments.

Print sizes: suitable for a range of sizes up to A3. Print size may be constrained by garment size and logo design.

Colour matching: our Versacamm machine can match the colours in your logo using the CMYK colour model.

Ideal for: one-off prints and small order quantities, promotional wear, stag and hen parties, multi-colour sports kit sponsors, photos printed on t-shirts.

Cost: the cost is dependent on the size and complexity of the design. Unlike screen printing there are no set up charges or additional costs based on the number of colours used, making it ideal for multi-colour vibrant designs.


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Have you considered other printing methods?

We also offer screen printing and direct to garment (DTG) printing.

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